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By Martina - Saturday, August 05, 2017

Today’s post is beauty related, but it’s not your typical beauty post. I’m going to talk about the hair removal techniques I have tried recently, as I have been struggling a bit with keeping up with my hair growth (of course I’m only talking about body hair, not hair-hair, that is just doing fine lately).

Anyway, I’ve always been an epilator kind of girl. I don’t find it particularly painful and I think it is a low cost, long lasting technique to keep body hair at bay.

However, since I moved to London I’ve found it quite uncomfortable to epilate, as there is no way to do it in the bathroom (as I’m used to) and there’s not enough natural light in my room to do it properly there. Epilating also takes a long time and most days I don’t have that time – or I don’t want to waste my time off work epilating. I have to add here that my skin is really sensitive, I am prone to cuts and bruises and broken capillaries (thanks mum), so while testing products I also had to keep that in mind.

I was looking for something easier and possibly quicker, so I decided to experiment with different hair removal techniques, to see if I could find something that could suit my new life better.

In the past few months I have therefore bought disposable razors, wax strips, a waxing kit and a bottle of hair removal cream.

The wax strips felt quite useless on me, although I know that a lot of people swear by them. I guess my hair just doesn’t want to come off easily. I decided to try with the wax, which was a more expensive option but supposedly stronger than the strips, but in order to make it work I still had to insist on the same spot for a long time, which is not good for capillaries and bruises. So I moved on to razors, but I just kept accidentally cutting myself - which is not fun, especially on the long run, when the number of cuts keeps increasing.

I have finally settled for a mix of hair removal cream and razors (trying to use them less often and really carefully) but I am still not a hundred percent convinced by this. I still have to try a few shaving creams or gels, to see if they can make a difference when paired with razors, and the shower hair removal cream (which looks expensive but might save me from the hassle of dropping cream everywhere around the room).

What is your go-to hair removal technique? Do you have any tips and tricks?

Martina x

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