August - Any Plans?

By Martina - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Guess who's back?

It's always me, yay! 

Lately I feel like I am failing at everything - I can't keep up with the blog, I can't find the strength to do any sport, I eat random food all the time, I have a ton of interests but I am never finding the time to pursue them, I still haven't started with my singing lessons... The only things that have been going kind of right (or at least that I have been consistent at) are going to work and reading books (which is still a good accomplishment).

I don't like to leave things unfinished, to make plans and then not to follow them, and I like even less when someone else notices/points that out… So, for the 1000th time, I have decided to make up a new life schedule and try to follow it, adding one thing at a time in order to see if I can manage every step, instead of rushing into everything at once. Who says January is the only time for new beginnings?

As my boyfriend suggested yesterday, I'm going to try and write a little everyday - art is like a muscle, you need to train it if you want to get some results. Maybe I won't be publishing one post every evening, but I will at least try to write down some bits and pieces everyday… Maybe 'forcing' myself to sit in front of a blank page for 30 minutes straight, writing down whatever is in my mind, and then if the writing flow begins I will just continue from there. Maybe I could actually try to do that in the mornings, to wake my brain up and start the day on a positive note. My job is helping me develop my sense of humour in English (thanks clueless tourists), and I've always quite liked my writing style anyway, so I'll try my best to put together posts I can be proud of.

The next step will be figuring out my fitness and food plans. Any recommendations? Foolproof meal plans anyone? Books? I would especially like to sort out my lunch breaks, since I'm eating at work five days a week, and I would like to start training again with my We Heart Living x Danielle Peazer Body Plan. I also found an interesting tap dance class for beginners but I don't know if I would be good enough for that.

If I manage to stick to my new schedule (my normal ability to schedule has been messed up by my job at the moment, but I'm trying to go back to my usual self) I might consider adding the singing lessons, but for now I will start from the rest. Also, my boyfriend says that singing lessons require a lot of discipline, so I need to train my ability to stick to plans for a while before I can jump into that.

Now, let's get down to business to defeat the huns writer's block. On this blog in the next month you can expect to read about the following topics:
  • Favourite beauty products
  • Books I've read lately
  • Hamilton 
  • Teas
  • Hair removal
  • Jewellery
  • Things I've purchased recently
  • One day trips to nearby places

Also, I would like to design a banner of the month. I am not a graphic designer or an amazingly talented person like MissCreamyCreamy (I've been watching her lettering videos lately and I feel like I discovered a new world) so I will just stick to Canva, let's see what I'll come up with.

Please, please, if you are reading this just leave a teeny tiny comment about any of the things I've mentioned in this post, because I would honestly love to hear some good suggestions, especially about fitness, food or blogging. Constructive criticims is also always welcome.

Feel free to leave links to your blog posts, videos or art pages as well, I will come to say hello and take some inspiration from you lovely people.

See you soon, 
Martina x

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