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By Martina - Tuesday, August 08, 2017

When the upgraded brows collection by Benefit Cosmetics came out last year, for a moment I was honestly tempted to buy all the products, mainly because they look so good when they are displayed all together. I love the attention that Benefit puts into its design, I find that I am more inclined to pick up a makeup product from my drawer if its packaging makes me happy as much as its content. Last year I ended up buying a pencil by Neve Cosmetics instead, and I didn't regret it, as it worked perfectly with my brows (and, believe me, finding the right colour for my eyebrows has proven to be a huge challenge).

Back in March, as you might or might not know, I won an EcoTools x Boots giveaway. As soon as I entered Boots that day I thought that I might end up spending all my money on Benefit Cosmetics products, since I like their design and colours so much. At first I didn't get anything though. I already had my ultimate Benefit product (the Cheekathon Palette) and I didn't want to buy something I didn't need.

A few weeks after I decided that I needed to change my eyebrows routine a little, especially because my brows sometimes tend to be a little unruly and curl up in the wrong direction. I visited Boots with the thought of getting some invisible wax or gel to keep them in place, but ended up buying a Benefit product instead.

The lady at the counter recommended me to try Gimme Brow in 03. She tested that on me and I decided to get it. 

I have been using it ever since, every time I am doing a full face of makeup, and I really like it. It completes the look without being too "in your face". It's also easy to use, it can be built up and it usually looks very natural, while at the same time keeping brows brushed in the right direction. Sometimes I pair it with my faithful Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows, while other times I just use it on its own. I still believe that it's quite expensive for the amount of product that you get and that there are some cheaper products that work just as well but, for a Benefit fangirl like me, knowing that it's a Benefit product and being able to appreciate the packaging are details that add value to the product, so in the end I consider it a good investment.

Have you ever tried any product from Benefit's brows collection?

Martina x

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