Blues Brothers and Burgers

By Martina - Sunday, August 27, 2017

Yesterday I spent a great day with my boyfriend. Our plans were to take a walk somewhere new, to eat some sushi and to go to the Hippodrome Casino to see The Blues Brothers Summer Special.

Walk-wise, we started from Covent Garden (Lorenzo had to go to the Apple Store) and ended up near Blackfriars. We walked along the side of the Thames that we had never properly explored before. It was really nice and quiet, compared to the madness that we found in Covent Garden.

Around six we decided it was time to get something for dinner and then walk to the show's venue. We wanted to stop at Itsu along the way but I misjudged how long it would take for us to walk all the way from where we were to Leicester Square, so we ended up giving a miss to our sushi in order to get to the Hippodrome Casino in time. 

Once we got there, and walked inside the casino, we wandered around a little before understanding where the entrance for the show's room would be. Then Lorenzo ordered a beer and we sat straight outside the doors, waiting for them to open. Once inside the Matcham Room we choose our seats (third row, straight in front of the stage/the guitar's amp - boyfriend's professional bias) and had some time to look around before the show began.

I really loved the Matcham Room. It's small and cosy and every detail is well cared for. The colours, seats, carpets, all go together nicely, and the acoustic of the room is spot on. From where I was sitting I could see the whole stage and hear everything without getting a headache or having my view blocked by the people sitting in the first two rows.

The show lived up to my expectations and probably even outdid them. For some reason I expected it to be shorter and less cohesive, but thankfully that was not the case. Every single member of the cast and band was amazing, and the audience was really involved in the show, which is something that doesn't always happen. I even stood up and danced, which is something that I never ever do, as I always feel awkward and silly whenever I try. 

The character of Jake was brilliantly interpreted by Dave, Sophie/itsSophieBelle's fiancé, whom you might know from the channel Sophie and Dave (and if you don't, please check them out, as their vlogs are great and they truly seem to be the loveliest people on Earth). When I bought the tickets I tweeted him and he very kindly tweeted back, also adding that Sophie might be going to the show on the same date I did.

Before the show started I looked around to see if I could spot her in the crowd, still not sure if I would have the courage to actually talk to her, but I couldn't find her. During the break, however, I noticed a person that could look like her, and my idea was confirmed when I saw her filming during the show.

After the show I walked out of the room with my boyfriend and just assumed she had already left, as I couldn't see her in the room anymore. However, a minute later I turned and just saw her sitting at a table on her own. I was still unsure whether to say hi or run away and call it a day, when she turned and looked at me. In that moment I just walked there - probably wearing a really surprised/scared/silly expression on my face - and asked, "Are you Sophie?" (best way to start a conversation, am I right?).

I was a bit concerned because I've met other people from the Internet before and, although no one ever treated me badly or really disappointed my expectations, I knew that meeting someone you only know from Youtube is not always as smooth as you have imagined it in your head. However, Sophie seemed exactly as I had imagined her. We only talked for a bit (I was worried I was wasting her time or making her feel uncomfortable) but she seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me a little bit and didn't refuse to hug me (which for me is a really huge proof of trust in another person - I personally really value hugs and only ever hug people when I mean it).

As corny as it might sound, ever since I started watching her videos a couple of years back I always thought (or rather wished) we could be friends in real life, as she seemed like the kind of person I can get along with very well. Yesterday night we didn't become friends on the spot, obviously, but talking to her and seeing how lovely she seemed really made me feel like I was right about her.

Anyway, after saying goodbye and telling her to congratulate Dave and the cast for the brilliant performance, Lorenzo and I left the building and went out looking for food. We walked past T.G.I. Friday and I was just starting to tell him that Sophie and Dave love that place when he suggested we could eat there. I had only eaten there once in LA, so was buzzing to try some of their dishes. We both opted for a Jack Daniel's Chicken Burger but I also ordered a Birthday Cake Shake - it was definitely not my birthday but I had not eaten at T.G.I. Friday for over five years so why not. The food was delicious, the service impeccable, so we left really happy and with our bellies full.

I don't know how to put into words how happy I felt yesterday, it has been a truly special day and one of those days I'm grateful the most for living in London. There are so many things that can happen here and that can make me so happy. I really do believe I could never get tired of this place.

Martina x

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