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By Martina - Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hello world! Today I am presenting you the four books that I have read in July. I really liked them all and I am really happy that I found enough time to read all of them. Reading relaxes me and makes me feel accomplished, so it’s something I’m always trying to add to my daily life, even when it’s just a few minutes on the tube.

Without further ado, let's introduce the first one.

Wilde Like Me 
by Louise Pentland

As soon as I found out that Louise was publishing a novel, I had to pre-order it. Especially as I found that out through Giovanna Fletcher's Instagram, and I trust Gi's opinion on books.

I didn't know exactly what to expect from Wilde Like Me, but I can assure you that I absolutely loved it. It made me laugh out loud, which is something that doesn't happen all the times with books. I love Louise's style of writing and her humour, and I found the plot quite original and different from any other girlish book I have ever read. My life is definitely different from the life of the main character, but that didn't prevent me from empathising and also learning something and seeing something of myself in her. 

If you are unsure whether you want to read this or not, I encourage you to pick it up. Personally, I am ready to read any other novel that Louise will publish in the future.

Dare to Dream
by Izzy Judd

This book might seem like an odd choice, since I am not a mother and I am not trying to get pregnant yet. The fact is that I love the McFamily (?) and I am always keen on learning new things about pregnancy, motherhood and fertility, as these topics really fascinate me.

Oddly enough, this book actually helped me sorting out a few things in my brain. I found it well written, complete, organised and useful for learning new things about said topics. Moreover, I got to know Izzy a little bit better, and I learned a few things from her that might come in handy soon, like the part where she talks about mindfulness, and the fact that anxiety can aggravate infertility, which is always useful to know.

I really hope that Izzy will publish something else, maybe about her experiences as a mother, because I would love to hear more from her. In the meantime, I wish all the best and all the happiness to the Judds.

Perdersi a Londra

My best friend G. sent me this little booklet as a surprise. It's really tiny and it looks a bit old. It contains two stories by Charles Dickens - Gone Astray and Night Walks. I really appreciated them, as they talk about two characters walking around Victorian London, and they made me want to find out more about the history of some places and also to read more stories by Dickens (I am really ignorant and I think I might have read only one of his books, but I am sure I can make it up easily). I always appreciate this kind of presents, and she knows it well.

by Lang Leav

I bought this one in Brighton in May, it was a total cover buy (plus I really wanted to add more poetry to my book collection). I was actually looking for a Walt Whitman (I keep hearing his name everywhere and I have never read any of his collections) book when I spotted this one.

I took my time to read it well and appreciate its content, and I must say I probably liked it even more than Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur. By that I don't mean to judge its quality but more the number of poems that spoke to me. I bookmarked a lot of them with some yellow sticky notes and I might take a few pictures of them sooner or later, so you might hear about this book again.

I really want to read more poetry books, I really really enjoy the feelings they make me feel.

Book Challenge 2017:
Wilde Like Me: a book about an interesting woman
Dare to Dream: a book that's published in 2017
Perdersi a Londra: a book recommended by a librarian
Lullabies: a book you bought on a trip
Have you read anything worth mentioning in July?

Martina x

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