Does This Count?

By Martina - Thursday, August 31, 2017

In August I have sadly only read one book. I had three and a half in my mind but I probably didn't focus on this goal enough. Anyway, I managed to upload 18 posts including this, which is a good number, I believe. I am going to continue with my writing-every-day project in September, we will see if I get to upload more or maybe just better content. 

The book I read this month was kindly gifted by my boyfriend's mum. When his parents visited London she insisted that she wanted to get a present of us both, and when we popped into Foyles she spotted a book about Ed Sheeran and just bought it for me. I find this gesture really nice and lovely from her, and I also appreciate her choice. She didn't wait for me to say which book I wanted - she knew I wouldn't pick one - so she just went for something she knew I would enjoy, since I'm a big Ed Sheeran fan.

The book itself is really interesting. It describes Ed's life and career so far and quotes interviews, videos and official statements made by Ed and his family and friends, so even though it's not written in collaboration with Ed himself the content sounds quite legit.

I knew most of his story already, but it was interesting to find out a bit more about all the hard work he put into making his way up to the top. I also read the names of numerous artists that influenced Ed's music or wrote and worked with him and that I might check out on YouTube at some point.

The only thing I didn't like too much were the comments to the songs that the author of the book deliberately made, especially because he criticised some of my favourites, like Wake Me Up - that song is a masterpiece, don't you dare saying anything bad about it.

I've started reading another book and you will definitely find out what it is at the end of September, so stay tuned!

Book Challenge 2017:
Ed Sheeran - Divide and Conquer: a book involving a mythical creature*

Martina x

*Is this cheating? Does this count? Ed is definitely a mythical creature, isn't he?

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