By Martina - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Today I visited Westfield White City for the first time. I really appreciated the building, though I found it to be a bit of a maze, but was quite disappointed by the lack of a bookshop (though maybe they do have one and I just couldn't find it). After walking through Westfield without buying anything I travelled to Foyles Charing Cross, where Lorenzo bought me Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton biography (#boyfriendgoals, right?).

Six years ago as of today I was flying buisness class to New York. Can you believe it? It was my first time in the US and my holiday extended to Annapolis, Washington DC and Orlando. Best family holiday ever. I've been wanting to talk about my US experiences for a while, so I might pick up this topic a little better in another post. 

In 2011 I visited the UK, the US, Belgium and Germany. Wish all my years could be like that. But I am not complaining, as right now I live in London and this has always been one of my major life goals.

See you soon,

Martina x

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