I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot

By Martina - Friday, August 11, 2017

I have become one of those people that can hold a full conversation by quoting Hamilton songs, and I am proud of it. 

I don't have many friends that are interested in Hamilton though, so most of the times I actually just quote said songs in my head and high-five myself or just smile.

Since English is not my native language, I naturally tend to learn and re-use sentences from books, films or songs in my day to day life. It's a learning strategy. This way sometimes I end up quoting Hamilton (or other musicals) without even noticing.

Lately I realised that I have started using the idea of "not throwing away my shot" quite a lot. It has almost become my daily life motto. I have always believed in the importance of doing whatever I am doing well and putting 100% of myself in what I am doing, especially if it's something that can really make a difference. In Italian there is a way of phrasing this, le cose o le fai bene o non le fai, which can be translated to do it well or not at all. I have used that sentence quite often when talking to myself in the past, but I feel like that way of phrasing the idea doesn't describe myself or my attitude towards what I have to do all the times, because while it's true that generally speaking I try to do my best even when I'm doing the simplest things - like cleaning or cooking or texting - it's also true that sometimes I sort of lose my patience or hope (like with this blog, or with diets and sports). I have started noticing that the idea of not throwing away my shot describes my views better, because it creates a distinction inside my head between things that really matter in one specific moment and things that can be abandoned halfway.

I am not throwing away my shot, so I am going to write a great cover letter to grant me an interview for my next job. If I just write a half-hearted cover letter I halve the chances of getting a new job.

I am not throwing away my shot, so if  I am going to write a post on something I really care about I will wait until I have time to write it well and have pictures to add to it. On the other hand, if I don't upload a great post tomorrow the world is not going to end.

As I type I can already see some loopholes here and there in what I am saying, I can hear voices in my head saying that if I just phrased things differently I could get a different meaning out of them and blah blah blah. Right now I don't care too much about explaining my point of view better than I just did - for once I am not asking for your opinion (ha), I am just typing down things as they run through my head.

It's quite late and I am tired and I still have to finish that damn cover letter so I will say goodbye here.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant, 
M. Can 

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