To See the Beauty

By Martina - Saturday, August 12, 2017


It's finally Saturday, and after five intense days of work my day off is approaching. Actually, I just found out I am going to have two days off in a row, which in this season is a treat that not everyone gets at my workplace (I work at a tourist attraction, so summertime means crazy long days and weeks that feel endless).

I have been feeling increasingly ill in the past few days. Without going into details, I'll say that I feel like I have zero energy and even the simplest things, like standing up or moving my head left and right, feel like an effort. Today I reached the lowest point so far, and after a few hours I contemplated the idea of asking my managers to let me go home early. 

Despite that I resisted, and after we closed down the office I decided to go for a walk. From an external point of view that might not sound like a great idea, considering my lack of energy and my other symptoms, but after spending a day in the same couple of rooms I really needed to see something different, I needed to see the beauty that surrounds me all the time since I moved here (I still can't believe that I can reach every corner of London that I love in just a matter of minutes).

I decided to travel to Piccadilly Circus and walk down Piccadilly towards Green Park. I really love that area (in fact I love pretty much every place I have visited so far, so you will hear me saying that of many and many places around London, but oh well). During my trip I stopped at Boots, Waterstones, Hatchards (I had never been there before) and Cath Kidston. When I finally reached Green Park, the sky was looking wonderful and I spent a few minutes looking at it before leaving to go home.

When I got home I was in pieces, so I spent the rest of the evening in my bed (I am still there, yay) but I am really, really happy for the short walk that I took after work. It helped emptying my mind from the past week's stress and worries and reminding me of how lucky I am. I am really proud of myself for all I have achieved in the past six months and I am always truly grateful for being in this wonderful city.

Martina x

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