Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

By Martina - Sunday, August 13, 2017

Soo, today I've got nothing majorly exciting to tell. I woke up feeling poorly (again), so I just decided to stay in bed all morning. I watched all of the Rhiannon Ashlee videos I still had to watch (I just love Rhiannon, her videos, her taste in colours/brands/items and her flat so much, and she has the kind of lifestyle I would like to have - work-from-home mum sort of thing, except she has a proper job and I wouldn't know where to start). In the afternoon I did the laundry, cleaned up a little bit, had a shower. After that my boyfriend came back home, so I spent some time with him. Now he's asleep next to me and I have just completed a couple applications and sent them to my hypotetical new workplaces (I wrote a great cover letter for one of them, so I hope it will bring me luck). 

This morning my managers called me to ask if I was available to work tomorrow instead of having a day off - a nightmare! Luckily they said they didn't need me specifically and they would have tried to contact someone else. Phew.

Now I think I'm going to prepare some tea and Nutella on toast - which is probably not the best option for me right now, considering I'm feeling meh, but I'm a tad bit hungry and today I haven't eaten much because I was nauseated, so I feel like the fact I'm craving Nutella might be a good sign. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better and I will go somewhere with Lorenzo. We will see.

Have a lovely evening guys,
Martina x

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