Try Again

By Martina - Friday, August 25, 2017

Quick update just to say that I've started following the We Heart Living x Danielle Peazer 12-Week Body Plan again, this time I hope I'll manage to stick to it for longer. So far I am on my second day of exercising, tomorrow morning I'm going to do my third session, and this way I'll also complete the first week. I'm looking forward tomorrow's routine because it's more of a dance thing and I remember I really enjoyed it when I first did it.

I'll try to be strong and stick to my schedule but I already know it's going to be hard, because I prefer to spend my free time differently and also because my job is quite physically demanding itself (I stand and walk a lot, lift weights and run up and down the stairs all day), so adding the two things is quite stressful, but it might also be useful for burning more calories and keeping the muscles active all the time. We shall see.

On a more positive note, tomorrow I'm going to see The Blues Brothers Summer Special and I am really looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow,

Martina x

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  1. Great post! I hope u will achieve what u want!

    Do you want to follow ( f4f ) each other? Let me know with a comment on my blog :D

    kisses, Josipa