Happy Anniversary!

By Martina - Friday, September 01, 2017

September first marks the fourth anniversary of me and Lorenzo being together. I am proud of us, four years might not seem like much if you compare it to other people’s relationships but it's still quite a long time. We have already been through a few difficult situations too, and we managed to get through them together. Yay us!

This year we couldn’t book a short holiday for our anniversary, as we did in the past years, because we both had to work, so we decided to just go out for dinner. We opted for Bella Italia since we have collected many special memories there already. 

The dinner was a bit of a fail though, as we didn’t love our main dishes and spent more money than expected - but I am sure we will go out somewhere else on a different day and just make up for that. 

Lorenzo got me a little present as well. The thing he chose shows how much he knows me. It’s a fill-the-gaps journal made by an illustrator we really like called Philippa Rice. The activities inside the book are really sweet and funny and I love the design of every page. Moreover, everything is red, white and black, which is a combination I absolutely love.

I did not know Philippa Rice had published any books before, now that I know that I really need to get all of them, hahah. I also accidentally found out that Sarah Anderson published books as well (I always see Philippa and Sarah's illustrations on Facebook but never realised they were published authors, silly me). Seriously, I need everything now.

Martina x

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