Primark Haul

By Martina - Friday, September 22, 2017

One day I decided I wanted to visit Primark in Tottenham Court Road inside out, just making sure I'd seen everything that was on the shelves. 

I took advantage of a morning off work on September 8th and went there just before lunch. I started from the Harry Potter section, which is brilliant. I really wanted to pick up something from this area but wasn't sure on what I might need more, so I opted for some glittery short Hogwarts jammies for £6. My favourite item was probably the Hedwig pillow, but at the moment I really wouldn't now where to keep it, so I sadly had to abandon it.

I was mainly on the hunt for sweaters and long sleeved stuff, but didn't really meet something that satisfied my needs, so I picked up a few useful bits instead. I got a makeup brush cleaner (the pink silicone glove-thing) for £1.50, eight pairs of bikini-shaped underwear (I finally found a type of underwear that feels comfortable, it took ages) for £9 and a black thermal top for work at £3.50. 

I was tempted to buy a new pair of slippers and a nightgown, but decided that I will pick them up later this year, and just bought the cutest jammies ever for only £8. They are one of those wintery cotton numbers, with buttons down the front and a nice blouse-like collar, and the print is a mix of all my favourite woodland animals. Bunnies, deers, squirrels, you name it. I've been wearing them non stop since I bought them. 

The last thing I picked up was a cotton sweater for Lorenzo, as he had tried it before and liked it but he didn't want to buy it for himself.

Before entering Primark I had told myself I would try to spend a maximum of £50, and I ended up spending £40 for 13 items, so I class this shopping spree as a success. Now I just have to avoid repeating this too often, hahah.

Martina x

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