20 Random Facts About Me

By Martina - Friday, October 13, 2017

  1. I would like to drink some tea (and I am going to put the kettle on as soon as I finish this list)
  2. I am currently reading two books
  3. This week I am off work on Sunday and Monday
  4. I am 150cm tall (short)
  5. I don't have a middle name
  6. My old friends call me Emma
  7. I am proud of my surname but I wish I had my granma's because it sounds posh
  8. I love boxes, more specifically tin boxes of any shape and size
  9. I wish Rhiannon Ashlee and I were friends
  10. This year I am going to participate to my very first Secret Santa
  11. Also I have already planned out my friends' Christmas presents
  12. I love board games
  13. I love amusement parks and rollercoasters and I physically crave them
  14. I love Matt Sewell's and Nina Stajner's illustrations
  15. I wish I had a small dog
  16. I have never had a pet
  17. I got distracted like five times before finishing this list
  18. I should be washing the dishes right now
  19. And maybe have a shower
  20. Also my neighbour is noisy

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