Alex Britti: Una su un milione

By Martina - Sunday, October 15, 2017

When I was in primary school I was friend with my neighbours' daughter. Our parents actually knew each other, so we would hang out a lot and travel to and from school together. Whenever her father would pick us up with his car for the school run he would play an album from Alex Britti, a quite famous italian artist, and we loved to sing and dance to a song called La vasca (The bathtub). It was a simple, silly, very Italian song, and just mentioning it brings back a lot of memories.

I haven't listened to Alex Britti much after those school mornings, but there is a song that I have kept on my mp3 player as I grew up, and it's called Una su un milione (One in a million). It's a really nice love song and I still like it nowadays. It reminds me a little of a lullaby and the lyrics are really sweet. It also makes me laugh a little bit because some lines are extremely Italian (at some point he says something along the line of "love is like tomato sauce on pasta").

I recommend you listen to it and maybe also watch the official video. I tried to translate it but it lost most of its magic, so I will only leave a few translated lines down here.
Accept me and you'll see, we'll grow up together
We'll grow a few metres tall and touch the sky
We'll be taller than giants, and stronger than Godzilla
We will travel on a yellow cruise ship
The destination is an island that looks like a painting
With huge colours and a parade-like sea
As far as I am concerned, I already have a ticket
Please don't leave yours next to a dream in a drawer
A "dream in the drawer" (sogno in un cassetto) is a typical Italian phrase. It refers to something that someone deeply loves and cares about and wishes that was real but might actually never turn into reality, most of the times because the person is too scared to pursue it and not because it is actually impossible. In my case, for example, it is singing and acting in a musical. In the case of the song, he probably refers to his dream of leaving for a journey/being in a relationship with the person the song is dedicated to.

Had you ever heard this song? Do you like it?

Martina x

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