Let's Talk About Rings

By Martina - Friday, October 20, 2017

And no, I do not mean onion rings, even though you could easily expect that from me since I am passionate about food. Here I am talking about jewellery. (And by the way, I don't like onions, just in case you wanted to know that.)

I have never owned many rings, in fact I only have two proper rings and a couple of cheap rings. I don't wear them everyday either. But I've always been into dainty rings and pearls and always been looking forward to the day I'll be able to wear an engagement ring or wedding ring (call me what you want, but I love traditions).

In February this year I discovered Maraismara on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with her creations and her ethic and I have set myself some goals, I want to buy a few of her pieces and also spread the word about her brand, as reading about her adventures opened my eyes on topics I had never thought of.

I have always wanted a knot ring. In fact, I have a tiny heart knot ring from Oviesse (think of a pretzel, it looks pretty much like that), but it was made of some cheap material and it looks really old and dirty despite the fact I've only worn it a few times. I really like Maraismara's Nodo Stretto Classico - both in gold and silver - and I think I'm going to buy the silver version for myself soon, either for Christmas or my birthday, as it's definitely affordable (it only costs €50).

Another Ring I really like is her Filo d'Oro con Luce. I believe this would be a perfect engagement ring for people like me, who don't like big, bulky, in-your-face rings and prefer tiny, dainty, everyday options. Her ring comes with a choice of moissanite (lab-made diamond) or natural Australian diamond (I would personally opt for this one as I like the idea of it being natural and Australian, sounds like a perfect combination), so it could really work as an engagement ring, as well as an everyday ring for anyone who likes diamonds and certified, fairtrade jewels.

I am not going to talk about all of her rings here, otherwise this post would seem endless (although there are more jewels handmade by Mara that I really like, for example the Intrecciato a Mano Diverso pictured here), but I recommend you check out her website and take a look at all her creations. I really respect the woman behind the brand and I think she deserves to be known more.

Beside Maraismara's rings, another thing that I really like are vintage, secondhand, hand-me-down jewels. One of the rings that I own belonged to my great-grandma, and that's the reason that makes it so special to me, no matter the price. 

I also really like pearls, as they have stunning colours and always make me think of queens and princesses, and I like twisted rings, so when I spotted the twisted pearl ring pictured above I just had to save the link to my favourites, although I doubt I'll ever buy it (it's from Etsy by the way).

You might be wondering where I'm going with this conversation, and the answere is nowhere. I just wanted to talk about rings, as I am trying to make up my mind on whether to buy the knot ring for Christmas or not, so I decided to share my thoughts with you.

Do you like rings? Do you wear them? Let me know in the comments.

Martina x

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