Awkward Angles - Visiting Tunbridge Wells

By Martina - Thursday, November 23, 2017

On the 4th and 5th of November my boyfriend and I travelled to Tunbridge Wells for a weekend getaway. We were looking for a place that would be easy to reach from where we live and that would allow us to feel like we were on a mini holiday together. 

We booked a room at The Russell Hotel for one night (breakfast included - hotel breakfasts are a must in my opinion) and got on the train.

Once arrived in Tunbridge Wells, we explored the newer half of the town and decided to have lunch at Basil, as I had heard about that place and their food seemed delicious. The place was packed full of people and there weren't many options left for us on the menu, but we managed to get a sandwich and a filo pastry-thingy (which was a 10/10 in my book) and two huge slices of cake. I had mine, a three-layer sponge filled with cream and berries, and also finished off my boyfriend's chocolate digestives cake - typical me.

In the afternoon we took a walk up and down the town centre, quickly exploring The Pantiles. Before we got there, though, the rain started pouring down, so we ended up going back to our hotel sooner than expected and decided to chill out in our big comfy room (number 42, in case you were wondering) for a while. I read a little and Lorenzo played on his guitar.

In the evening we were planning to visit Dunorlan Park and see the fireworks from there, as the waitress at Basil had recommended them, but we decided to just grab a bite at Bill's and go back to our room instead, in order to avoid the rain and the cold. Thankfully the hotel had a wifi connection, so we were able to watch something on Netflix.

On our second day we woke up quite late, had breakfast, checked out of the hotel and went for a walk in Dunorlan Park. We both really liked the place and enjoyed strolling around the park together. The weather was so much nicer than the day before and the park was full of pugs (seriously, I lost count, I think there might have been fifty of them) which is always a bonus. Pugs make me happy.

On our way back from the park we decided to go back to The Pantiles. We had lunch there and had time to fully appreciate the beauty of that area of the town, which is the one that conquered my heart the most in these two days. Being Sunday, there was a tiny market along the way, which made the whole area look even more christmassy and beautiful. We had lunch at the Gastronomia and soon after stopped for a hot drink at Hattons, where I got the most delicious hot chocolate I have had in a very long time.

Our adventures in Tunbridge Wells ended there, as we decided to head back home as soon as the sun went down. The train journey took longer than expected as there were maintenance works were being carried out, but we got home safely and happy about our mini holiday.

I decided to title this post "Awkward Angles" because, as you can see, all my pictures look a bit crooked and messy. Unfortunately I didn't take many of them so I had to work with what I had, but I quite like the second one, and the first is not terrible, in my opinion. Next time I'm out I'll try to do something a bit more arty.

Have you been anywhere new recently?


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