November Favourites

By Martina - Monday, November 27, 2017

My top favourite this month has to be tap dance. For the past three weeks I have been attending to some tap dance classes for beginners and I have been loving them. I am an extremely uncoordinated person, and I have never really been interested in any kind of dance up until last year, so the fact that I am attending such course might come as a surprise for those who know me best. At some point last year I was watching some videos from Singing in the Rain for my dissertation, something clicked in my brain and from then on I developed a passion for tap. I have only been to three classes so far and today it will be my first class with proper shoes, but I am confident I can get better at this. I have been practicing at work while no one was watching, ha.

Thanks to one of the tap class girls, I also found a piece of clothing that is going to save me this winter. I am talking about the Velvet Leggings from Primark, some high-waist black leggings that are covered in fluff (on the inside) from the belly button to the ankle. They are super comfy and super warm and only cost £6, I am definitely going to recommend them to every girl I meet this winter. I have already recommended them to all my colleagues.

Food wise, my favourite this November has to be bubble tea. I had never tried it in the past and I wasn't too interested in it until I went out with a friend and she said she was kind of addicted, so I followed her advice and got a green tea with tapioca pearls and man, it tasted delicious (I think it was matcha tea to be precise) and the bubbles added something extra to the drink, I definitely appreciated it.

This month I also loved the two days trips that my boyfriend and I took, the first to Tunbridge Wells (you can read about that in my previous post) and the second to Eastbourne (post coming soon).

My last favourite is a film I watched yesterday night with my boyfriend. It's called Love, Rosie and it's one of those girly films where way too many things happen and then everything ends in a happily ever after, but I happen to like this kind of films (or books) and I really like Lily Collins, so yeah, a film we picked kind of randomy on Netflix ended up being an unexpectedly good film.

Martina x

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