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By Martina - Sunday, December 03, 2017

Every year I make an advent calendar for my boyfriend. I always opt for a tea calendar, as he does love his tea, and I like to make it personal by adding some nice thoughts or quotes on the back of each teabag.

This year I bought a box of evening teas by Pukka and printed out some numbers I found on Google, taped them to the teabags and added little handwritten notes on the back. I taped the teabags to the kitchen tiles, so every evening he can have his tea and read his own, very personal positive note in the meantime. 

Have you got an advent calendar yet? I wanted to get the Bluebird Tea Co. Calendar for myself but in the end I didn't. I'm still looking for a last minute option, maybe from some beauty brand, but I doubt I'll get any, as most calendars are way too expensive for me.

Martina x

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