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By Martina - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Do you send greeting cards to your friends and relatives around the year? I personally love to send them and to receive them, so I always try to make sure I am writing a card to anyone I cannot meet face to face on a special occasion, be it their birthday or Christmas. 

As this year I am going to spend Christmas in London, far from most of my family and friends (don't worry, my brother and parents - and boyfriend's parents - are coming to visit, I am not spending Christmas day on my own) I decided to send dozens of letters and cards. I tried to personalise them as much as possible so that my loved ones will get the message that I truly care about them and I'm not sending a random card just because.

I bought a box of assorted Christmas cards from Paperchase (so cheap yet so pretty) and spent a good few hours writing them and retrieving all the addresses (cheers mum!). Now let's just hope all the envelopes get to their destinations instead of getting lost along the way - you can do it Royal Mail!

Martina x

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