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By Martina - Saturday, December 09, 2017

This year I'm taking part in my very first Secret Santa. All the team from my workplace is participating, and we are going to give each other the presents on the day of the Christmas dinner my managers kindly booked for us. I am already looking forward to that dinner because I read the menu and it sounds really fancy - I'm going to have lobster soup as a starter, mushroom and truffle ravioli as a main and apple crumble for dessert.

The name I randomly picked for my Secret Santa is that of a guy I had the chance to get to know quite well. My problem with finding something for him was that the only hobbies and interests he has (that I know of) are not exactly easy to associate with a present. In short he likes history, war equipment and working out.

After pondering the idea of simply getting him a nice pair of Christmas socks, I came across this lovely crab multi-tool thingy while paying my weekly visit to Waterstones, and immediately texted a picture to my brother asking him if he liked it. He approved straightaway and I trusted his opinion.

A multi-tool gadget like this looks like something that could be useful to anyone, and the fact that it's pretty adds a personal touch to the present, making it more 'mine'. In fact, I would be really happy if someone bought the same item for me, but I don't think my Secret Santa - whoever he or she is - will get me anything like that, hahah. I'm not exactly known as the DIY girl, it's more likely that they'll get me food or something related to Harry Potter.

Are you taking part in any Secret Santa this year? What is your budget and what are you going to buy for your friend or colleague?

Martina x

PS. Let's appreciate for a moment the puppy wrapping paper I bought from Sainsbury's and forget the fact that you can see the reflection of my hands in the picture, hahah.

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  1. well, wasnt this just a perfectly timed reminder that i have my own secret santa on friday and need to buy a present?! thanks for that!

    love the idea of a multi-tool - definitely more thoughtful than socks! ive got a a lady colleague for secret santa this year and luckily she's a friend from school so i know her quite well. it's ALL about the wine and chocolate for her - easy peasy!

    katie. xx ♥

    1. Thanks for sharing your story with me! You were lucky to get someone you know so well as your secret santa, although I always love a good challenge so I really cannot complain about mine :)

      Martina x