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By Martina - Sunday, December 31, 2017

Soo, this month I managed to read two books, which led me to reach my goal of reading at least 24 books in a year! Yay me! I am so glad that I managed to read so much in 2017 and I really hope I'll be able to read even more next year.

The book I read first is The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. I bought it after getting tickets for the musical and read it in two evenings. It kept me company while I was feeling poorly and made me feel like a child again. I really really loved the story and the characters and I think it's one of those children's books that even adults would enjoy (I mean adults as in lots of them, I'm not just talking about myself, you know how much I love children literature). I was impressed by Tom's writing style, I really really appreciated it. I had never read any of his books before, that's why I didn't know what to expect. I am very happy that I got to buy the musical edition too, as it contains the soundtrack of the show performed by Tom and his family.

The second book I read is Idiot Verse by Keaton Henson. I was in the mood for poetry and my boyfriend happened to have a couple of books I wanted to read - I picked this up and just read, read, read. I finished it before I even had time to decide whether I wanted to read this one or another book. I guess it means I really enjoyed it, am I right? I definitely loved the poems about London and the UK (Richmond, Big Smoke, On England) and found so much truth in the one called Bloodline, which talks about family. I also felt connected to Polite Plea, Insomnia and Leaving It Behind.

Next year I would like to read more poetry and classics and also to re-read the whole Harry Potter series, we shall see.

I am going to introduce the 2018 Reading Challenge at some point next month, for now I'll just write down the category these books ticked off of this year's list.

2017 Reading Challenge:
The Christmasaurus: a book by or about a person who has a disability
Idiot Verse: a book involving travel

*     *     *

Now excuse me but I have booked a table at the local pub and I need to get ready to go out with my friends to celebrate the new year. As some of said friends are staying over for a few days, I might not be really active during the first week of January, but I hope I'll catch up later and manage to have another great year of blogging. By the way, as we talk about goals... This is my 100th post of 2017! *self high-five*

Happy new year my friends!

Martina x

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