The Christmasaurus Live

By Martina - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Halfway through December my boyfriend and I realised some tickets for the performances of The Christmasaurus Live were still available, and rushed to get them. In case you never heard that title before, The Christmasaurus is a play written by Tom Fletcher and based on the children's novel he published last winter.

As some of you might know, I love the Fletchers with a passion and I love all they do - be it music, books, videos or plays -  so as soon as I heard Tom, Giovanna and Carrie were all performing in a show I knew I had to be there, to see it with my own eyes and hear it with my ears. The problem, as usual, was that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get there after work, but we were lucky because I found out in advance that I would be off work today.

After buying the tickets I ran to Waterstones and got myself a copy of the novel. I devoured it in two evenings and really liked it, I would definitely suggest it to a friend even though it's supposed to be a children's story, because it's very well written and full of Christmas spirit.

Soo, today we arrived at the venue via tube, entered, found our seats (which were in a perfect position in my opinion, I could see the whole stage perfectly) and waited. I wasn't feeling too well but was super excited to be there anyway. As soon as the show started I locked my eyes on the Fletcher family and enjoyed the show. I loved all the songs and the sense of humour they added to the play, probably to cover the fact that it felt weird for all of them (the Fletchers, Harry Judd and Matt Willis, all people that know each other well) to be on the same stage. The characters were portrayed nicely and the storyline was effective despite the almost lack of props and backdrops - the full orchestra visible on stage definitely made up for them, and the special effects were not missing anyway (I definitely didn't expect they would actually make the Christmasaurus and William fly!). I also really liked seeing Harry dance - despite him being a famous dancer, I'd never seen any of his performances before.

To sum up the experience, I loved everything about this show and I cannot wait to see it grow year by year.

Martina x

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