Work Christmas Dinner

By Martina - Friday, December 15, 2017

On Tuesday evening I went to a restaurant with my colleagues to celebrate Christmas. My managers had booked a room for us and organized everything, from crackers to music.

I ended up sitting between two girls I really like, and across the table I had the guy I got the present for. We put all our Secret Santa presents in a corner and enjoyed the appetisers and mains - both the options I had picked were delicious (I chose lobster soup and mushroom ravioli). Along with my courses I had a glass of prosecco (at least that's what I think it was) and some water with lemon and ice. With the dessert (apple and cranberry crumble* + vanilla ice cream) came the time to give each other the gifts, so my managers distributed them and everyone started unwrapping. 

I immediately understood who my Secret Santa was, because she wrote a super sweet card mentioning something that I only told to one person - her. It's a girl that I don't see very often but I absolutely adore, and she got me something that was perfect for me. She opted for a Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and fluffy socks. Our workplace is very cold, so the choice of fluffy socks is very sensible on her side, hahah. And the tin box that contains the hot chocolate is stunning, can you see the tiny deers with huge tree-like antlers? I LOVE them. The thing I love the most about this present though is the fact that she actually spent some time investigating on me, and by doing so she found out plenty of things we have in common, so now we will be able to talk about those and become capital F Friends (nope, not childish at all). On a side note, the hot chocolate she choose comes with a tin box, and I go crazy for tin boxes, and she had no way to know that, so well done to her for guessing the right things about me and picking such a good present.

The guy I got the present for didn't even guess I was his Santa, so I could stare at him while he unwrapped the crab multi-tool and he seemed so happy about it, he said that whoever chose that was a genius and when I told him that was me he thanked me a million times, he's adorable (though he probably would prefer to be called with a different adjective). In the morning I told him he looked like a character from a Disney musical - imagine Jack Kelly from Newsies mixed with Flynn Rider - because he was all dressed up nicely, ready for the evening, and though he was confused at first I think he appreciated the compliment because I heard him saying he was dressed as a Disney prince later that day.

One of our colleagues (I get along quite well with her and I even call her mum sometimes) made gingerbread biscuits for everyone - how nice is that? And how good at baking is she, I didn't know that until I saw these biscuits! They are wonderful and it would be a shame to just eat them straightaway, I think I'll keep mine for a while before I start nibbling into it.

All in all I really loved to have dinner with my colleagues and I wish we could repeat something similar soon, but unfortunately there is only one Christmas per year.

Have you ever been to a work Christmas dinner? How was it?

Martina x

*How hard is the combo of 'cranberry crumble' to say out loud? It's driving me nuts.

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