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By Martina - Monday, December 18, 2017

Where did you buy your presents this year?

The challenge for me was given by the fact that I won't be meeting most of my friends around Christmas, as I'll be spending christmastime here in London, so I had to post most of the presents in advance.

First of all, I decided I wanted to find small, light, compact things - things that wouldn't end up being cheaper than their shipping costs, in short, as spending more for the stamp than for the gift itself wouldn't make much sense. 

The first place I looked up was Whittard's website, as I love their products and knew that they often have offers going on online. I bought a few presents for my mum and friends there (tea is always a good idea and in the past has always been truly appreciated by my friends) and I used the discount code they were promoting that week. 

Then I moved onto Boots. Boots offers a really nice range of presents and has always got some great promotions going on. I got some hand pampering kits for a couple of friends and other small bits and bobs to add to some smaller gifts.

I bought my brother's present off Amazon during the Black Friday sales. I always love to get him something really nice and possibly useful because I really really love him and he also never gets too many presents, as our relatives mostly give him money and he usually doesn't exchange presents with his friends.

The other places I visited (both in person and online) were Waterstones, Tiger, Moleskine and Oliver Bonas. In these shops I bought something for my dad, boyfriend and for all the other friends that were left out before. I chose books, card games, kitchen utensils, pin badges and ring holders. Quite a peculiar mix, hahah.

Before even buying half of the presents, I ordered light blue shipping envelopes and snowflake confetti* to decorate the gifts I'd post to my friends, and got some really nice brown wrapping paper covered in dogs at Sainsbury's. I wrapped every single present with that paper and added some nice cards from Paperchase's magical 40 Assorted Christmas Cards box to all gifts. I made an actual effort to make all packages look nice, even with the most oddly-shaped items, and finished up some of them with some matching twine ribbons (you can't beat twine ribbon, that's the best kind of ribbon and it's so shabby-chic and christmassy - mmm love it!).

Now I'm only left with a couple of last minute items to buy, but all the presents I already have are wrapped and most of them has been shipped to my friends, who will hopefully receive them soon.

Martina x

*Small note: I also ordered some silver tissue paper to match the envelopes and confetti and make the parcels look nicer but when it came it smelled like the sheets had been on holiday in a toxic chemical warehouse, so I had to just throw it away as quickly as possible, what a waste of paper. You can see it in the pictures though.

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