Out with Friends - Visiting Oxford

By Martina - Friday, January 12, 2018

A few days ago my dear friend S landed in the UK for a short trip, so I got train tickets to Oxford to go and meet her and G, who is a student there.

We were graced by a nice blue sky and a not too cold day, so we took a stroll around the town and they showed me a few places I'd never seen. You see, I'd only been to Oxford once before, and it was a rainy day so me and my friend G spent most of it in a tea room.

We visited the Natural History Museum, which is beautiful in many ways, starting from the enchanting main building (there should be more places like that). Then we walked around town and visited the Divinity School, a few colleges, Blackwell's bookshop and the Covered Market.

We had lunch at Pieminister after agreeing that pies are a truly great British dish that should have been exported to Italy already - I chose a Chicken of Aragon pie with mash, mushy peas and gravy... It was divine.

In the afternoon we visited a park and took a walk along the river, and the light was wonderful and made me feel really happy. We reached Christ Church College and of course got tickets to visit it because Harry Potter (the visit was totally worth it and not just because of the HP film locations, it is actually a beautiful place). 

It was almost sunset when we got out of Christ Church College, so our friend G took us to a terraced pub where we spent a few minutes observing the beautiful view of Oxford from above, pretty buildings washed in that stunning sunset orange light.

After sunset the weather got a bit colder, so we took a walk through the centre and reached George Street Social, where we spent a couple of hours eating a really good sticky vegan cake and playing the 1983 version of Trivial Pursuit, which resulted in a good laugh since most of the questions - especially the geographical ones - were definitely not up to date.

I am glad I had the chance to spend a wonderful day with my friends and I hope it won't be too long until we meet again.

Martina x

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