The Hamiltuesday Project

By Martina - Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Soo, I've mentioned quite a few times that I was working on a Hamilton-related series of posts, the awkward fact is that I've had this project in mind since June last year and still haven't found the willpower to sit down and work on it. 

Basically, I want to publish a post for each song in the Hamilton musical and say what I like about it, my favourite lines, rhymes and so on, and add comments based on the biography written by Chernow and the Hamiltome, where Lin has very kindly annotated all the lyrics. 

So, what happened in June? III realiiised three fundamental truths at the exact same time:

Number one: I would love to talk more about theatre on my blog, and would like to make my posts somehow unique, not just short reviews where I simply list how much I liked everything I saw on stage, because that doesn't add much and feels a bit repetitive.

Number two: every time I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack I keep repeating to myself "Oh how I love this line", "This rhyme is so satisfying", "Nice play on words right there!" and I never have the chance to share those thoughts with anyone (my bofriend is tired of hearing me talking about Hamilton, poor thing). Is there a better place than my blog for that?

Number three: the content of the Hamiltome is so good it has to be shared, just in case anyone has missed any parts of it and doesn't know Lin's comments to the songs, or some other backstage curiosities. Some of the annotations are really interesting, sweet or funny, believe me.

I will upload this sort of posts on Tuesdays (probably not each and every Tuesday though), joining the hashtag #Hamiltuesday because it sounds good and because I had come up with that in my mind before finding out it aready existed (oops).

So, if you are a bit curious, please stay tuned for my next Hamilton post!

Martina x

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