The Nutcracker

By Martina - Monday, January 08, 2018

Let’s start the year on a high note, shall we?

A few nights ago I went to the London Coliseum with a friend to see The Nutcracker. I’d never seen it before - actually, I think I’d never seen any proper ballet before at all.

As I already expected, I loved it. The outfits, the backgrounds, the colours, and obviously the music. I loved everything. Even the theatre was truly wonderful. It was great to be able to get the tickets and being there made me feel important, almost as if I was taking part in a high society event or something like that. I even managed to see the show quite well thanks to the fact we were in the third row of the dress circle, right in the middle.

Talking about the actual ballet, I really loved to see so many different dancers (even children, how adorable) and different types of choreographies - groups, couples and single dancers. I liked some parts so much I almost hoped they'd perform them twice.

My friend and I are not ballet savvy though, so when the show ended we were left with a few questions and I still don't have the answers (yes, I should probably Google them instead of typing them to you - whatever).

Is the story and length of the show always the same? For some reason we expected a much longer performance, though I was glad it didn't last for hours and hours because I wasn't feeling too well that day.

Are the choreographies somehow set or do they change depending on who is directing the show? I would expect them to change a bit but since The Nutcracker is such a famous piece maybe there are some rules that have to be followed.

Then I had one last question, which I haven't shared with anyone so far except for my boyfriend because I was worried it might sound offensive. At some point I had a feeling that the music and the dance didn't really go together, like they were not necessarily written to be matched. I wonder if it's only because I'm more used to a different kind of dance - like tap or hip hop - that is more connected to the rythm of the song that's being used or if there are other reasons.

As I said, I don't mean to insult anyone, the dancers and musicians were all crazy wonderful during the show and I wish I was able to do even half of the things they did on that stage - I'm just honestly curious and a total newbie to ballet.

I hope I'll be able to see more shows of this kind in the near future, and maybe have a chat with someone that knows ballet inside and out... That would definitely increase my knowledge.

Have you seen The Nutcracker? Do you know anything more than I do about ballet? Feel free to recommend blogs, books and films if you know any interesting titles!

Martina x

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