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By Martina - Friday, February 09, 2018

I'm leaving for my holidays today so I'm only checking in to upload a short post.

I might have already mentioned in the past that I am quite complicated when it comes to perfume. I don't like most perfumes, even really famous or expensive ones - whenever I go to Boots or any other place where you can test some bottles I try out the ones I know my favourite bloggers and youtubers use and I end up feeling disappointed every single time.

There are three perfumes I know I definitely like. They are Guess Seductive, Want by Dsquared2 and Flower by Kenzo. The last time I ended up in an airport duty free I had a lot of time on my hands so I smelled pretty much all they had there, and I found a perfume by Burberry that I kind of liked (it was either My Burberry or My Burberry Blush, judging from the bottle) but they had no samples I could take home so I didn't have a way to properly test it.

Anyway, this Christmas one of my uncles got me a travel set from L'Erbolario, and it contained a shower gel, a body cream and a perfume. I was worried it would be wasted on me, as I am so incredibly picky with fragrances, but apparently he guessed it right, as both me and my boyfriend like the lilac perfume that came with the set. I find myself reaching for it in the morning way more than I expected.

I still have to try the body cream and shower gel, I might take them on holiday with me since they are a good travel size.

What's your signature perfume?

Martina x

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