One Year Here

By Martina - Monday, February 26, 2018

One year ago today I was officially moving to London.

After a weekend celebrating my graduation (see last year's post) I packed all my clothes and makeup and hopped on a plane. Since then I have managed to sort out all the bureaucracy, find a job and survive for a year, I still can't believe it! The thing I am most proud of and I find most satisfying is being able to earn my own money and live off it, the feeling of independence that comes with that is priceless.

I've had so many people trying to burst my bubble, saying that I would head back to Italy in no time or that living in London would make me see all the ugly things and realise all the bad sides of this place - I know no place is perfect and London has plenty of flaws but I still love it like the first day I ever visited. There are so many good things too, it all depends on each person's priorities and, besides, London cannot be everyone's favourite place. I am so grateful to be living my dream, I truly found my happy place here and I hope I will be able to stay in this city (or, more generally, in England) for a long time. I would love to travel to many different destinations and maybe try to live somewhere else for a bit too, but my heart will always call this place home.

To celebrate my first Londonversary (and my birthday, that's coming up soon) my boyfriend and I got tickets to see Aladdin and went to TGI Fridays for dinner afterwards. I absolutely loved the show but I won't say too much right now as I would like to write a full review next month.

Martina x

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