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By Martina - Saturday, February 17, 2018

Last year I got to see quite a few shows - here is a list of all the shows I have seen in the past, the updated version would include The Blues Brothers Sumer Edition, The Christmasaurus and The Nutcracker - oh and I have seen Wicked again. This year I would like to add a lot more to the list of shows I have seen.

Here is the list of shows that are currently in the West End and that I really want to see this year:
  • Hamilton - I've already got my ticket for this one and I still cannot believe it
  • The Book of Mormon - I was thinking of getting tickets for my birthday later this month
  • The Phantom of the Opera - I was supposed to go to this one with a colleague but I might end up going on my own at some point, I just have to see it at some point
  • Aladdin - I've heard mixed reviews but I have to see it with my own eyes before judging
  • The Lion King - Might be going to see this one with a friend (and our boyfriends) in May, we shall see
  • Company - Just randomly found out about this one but it had me at Patti LuPone (and Stephen Sondheim, and Marianne Elliott) and from what I read it sounds like my boyfriend's cup of tea as well, might be a nice show to see together
I also wouldn't mind seeing again Les Misérables, Matilda and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but I think I will prioritise the plays and musicals I haven't seen yet.

Martina x

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  1. As I told you before (don't know if I have already told you that, I usually tell you a lot of things) I have promised Carlo to take him to see Les Mis on November for his next birthday. Since it's one of your faves, think about it as well!