By Martina - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's my birthday! I am twenty-four today. 24. It's so weird to even think of that, I don't feel so old to be honest.

I'm not the biggest fan of growing up and tend to go a bit paranoid if I think too much about that, but I love cake and presents as much as the next person, so I just tried to make this day all about treating myself and feeling the love coming from my friends and family's birthday wishes.

The celebration actually started two days ago, when Lorenzo and I went to the Prince Edward to see Aladdin. We saw the show and had a burger at TGI Fridays. Then yesterday evening after work I baked some tiramisù for my colleagues and some to keep at home, a small vegan cake for those who won't be able to enjoy my tiramisù and some pizza for the night. We watched Friends' The Last One (I don't think I can live without Friends, send help) and at midnight I opened the presents.

My boyfriend got me a wonderful Olivia Burton watch with a rosegold and white face and a grey leather strap, and his parents picked a dainty rosegold bracelet that matches it perfectly.

I got myself a Pandora charm, the majestic swan, as I had been eyeing it up for a while. My parents told me they would get me everything from the list I wrote on the first of February, but also surprised me with another Pandora charm - Mrs Potts & Chip from the Disney collection.

My brother - bless him - gave me a shiny red package right before I left Italy after my holiday, which contained a beautiful red travel organiser, that I am definitely going to use for my next trip. He helped my mum choose the Pandora charm and also picked the most beautiful llama birthday card.

Today I woke up and it was snowing. Everything was covered in snow and the morning looked magical. At work I had the pleasure of enjoyng the snow all day long, although that meant getting wet, having the wind blowing right in the face and slipping constantly. The snow made me really happy despite all of the problems it caused, and I even managed to carry the tiramisù all the way to work without accidentally smashing it.

My colleagues really appreciated my dessert and got me a few unexpected presents - two beautiful mugs, the Lush Honey box and some chocolate.

My boyfriend fought the weather to take me out during my lunchbreak (we went to Pret) and tonight we are spending some more time together. We wanted to go out but we were both pretty tired after the long day and decided to order some Nando's and watch a film on Netflix. We might go to the local pub later on just to make the evening a bit more unusual.

I just had a relaxing shower and tested out some Lush products, later I will probably inaugurate one of the mugs as well.

I had a really great day and have been in a really positive mood. I had a chat with my parents and received countless text messages from dear friends and family members. I hope this day's happiness  and positivity will carry on during the rest of the year too.

How do you like to spend your birthday?

Martina x

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