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By Martina - Thursday, February 01, 2018

Holy crap it's February! Like whaat? I am not ready.

*   *   *

Anyway, today I thought I might share with you some recent favourites, and since my birthday is coming up soon I might also mention some things I would like to buy as a self-birthday present. I am pretty sure I will end up only buying myself tickets to see a show, because that's the only thing that won't make me feel guilty of spending so much on myself, but sooner or later I might end up saving for the other things as well.

What I've been watching recently: Friends

I've been thinking of watching Friends for ages, and I have always known I would love it, but I never got around doing so until recently. My boyfriend and I wanted to pick up a new series on Netflix and decided on this one because we knew it would last for a while, and we tend to binge-watch series quite a lot. We both immediately liked it and are now halfway through (just reached The One Hundredth). I am already sad for the day we will watch the last episode, but in the meantime I will enjoy a few more evenings of laughter and fun. My favourite characters so far are Phoebe and Chandler, although I think my personality is mainly a Monica (with a spoonful of Chandler for good measure).

What I've been drinking: Whole Earth Wake Up in my shiny new Starbucks tumbler

My boyfriend bought me a new stainless steel tumbler from Starbucks and now I am able to carry my breakfast with me on my way to work and save it for lunch in case I don't have time to finish. I've used it for tea and hot chocolate already, but most of the time my morning drink of choice is Whole Earth Wake Up coffee alternative, which I take with a little bit of honey and oat milk. I am not a huge fan of actual coffee (I could never drink a single espresso, I am more of a latte kind of person) and since I found this coffee alternative I have been drinking it quite often. I really like the flavour of it and it makes me feel more awake that coffee itself (I think it contains more caffeine because of guaranà).

What I've been wearing: Oliver Bonas' Cacia Grid Scarf

I bought this scarf at the beginning of the sales and I've been wearing it everyday. It looks nice and lightweight but it's actually made of wool, so it's really warm and soft. Oliver Bonas makes some really pretty scarves, every time I visit I fall in love with a different one.

The ring I would like to have: Maraismara's Anello con Nodo Stretto Classico

I have already mentioned this ring in a post a few months ago. At the time I was considering buying it for Christmas, but I didn't. Now I am glad I waited because Mara released a new version of the ring, made of a higher quality silver, and it looks even greater than before - if that is possible.

The bag I would like to carry: a tiny satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Co.

I've been thinking of getting a bag from The Cambridge Satchel Co. for years, but always thought they were too expensive for my wallet, until I realised the tiny version is actually affordable and really cute. My favourite colours are french grey and oxblood, but I could see myself getting a black or brown version just to be sure it can go with any outfit - and I find the red one really pretty as well.

The mug I would like to buy: Liberty London x Emma Bridgewater half pint mug

Let's face it, this is the thing I'm most likely going to buy, as it's a fraction of the price of the others and I would use it on a daily basis. I had already included this mug in my Autumn Wishlist which proves I've been thinking about it for quite a while. Earlier I was googling it and I accidentally discovered there is a New York version too, and it's stunning - I can definitely see myself collecting Emma Bridgewater mugs in the future.

What about you? Did you buy anything for yourself recently?

Martina x

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