A Bee-autiful Surprise

By Martina - Thursday, March 08, 2018

As I mentioned before, on my birthday some of my colleagues got me a few presents. One of them went a bit over the top and got me a funny mug and a Lush gift set called Honey - I had never received a present from Lush before, and whenever I go to Lush I tend to buy useful stuff more than pretty, pamper-y bits, so I was really happy to open it and try it all.

The box contained four items: a scrub bar, a shower gel, a lip scrup and a piece of soap. My colleague choose this present really wisely, as most of the pre-made boxes that Lush offers contain one (or more) bathtub products, like bubble bars and bath bombs, and are not suitable for people like me who only have a shower box at home. I don't even know how he did it, since none of my colleagues knows I only have a shower in my flat.

On my birthday night after work I tried It's Raining Men, the shower gel, and I really liked the smell of it and the colour. I also tested the lip scrub, although I already had a very old pot of Mint Julips in my bathroom cabinet. I think I like Mint Julips better, but I love the fact that Honey has s golden lid and that the pot is brand new and full to the brim.

I had to wait until I could take some pictures of the other two products before I could finally test them.

Honey I Washed the Kids works really well as a shaving soap, and shares the super nice perfume of the other products. It doesn't look too fancy but I appreciate the fact it's kind of a big chunk.

Scrubee is probably my favourite item out of the four, it smells divine and looks super cute, not to mention that it makes the skin feel really soft without being sticky. The major problem now is that my boyfriend doesn't love it, and the day I lathered myself in this product from head to toe he was overwhelmed by its smell and said my skin felt weird to the touch, and a couple of days later he could still smell the sweetness of the honey in our studio flat - I'll have to be more careful next time in order not to upset him too much.

The downside of these two products, as for all soap-like Lush products, is that I don't know exactly how to store them. If I just decided to leave them in the shower they would surely go all muddy and melt in a week, but if I wanted to keep them somewhere else in my bathroom I would need to put them in boxes, and always make sure they are dry before I close the box again otherwise they would get mouldy and gross - what a palaver.

How do you people store your Lush products? I would love to know!

Martina x

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