Aladdin in London

By Martina - Sunday, March 04, 2018

On February 26th Lorenzo and I decided to go to the theatre. We compared the prices through my beloved Today Tix app and ended up getting tickets for Aladdin.

I had previously heard mixed reviews about this show (and Disney musicals in general) but I'm not one that gets influenced that easily, especially when it comes to musicals, because I tend to like everything I see - sometimes I like absolutely everything and other times I like some things more than others, but I hardly ever dislike a musical.

This time I definitely liked the whole thing, so much in fact that I considered getting a second ticket a few days later just to enjoy it again (in the end I didn't, because Lorenzo and I went to see Wicked together instead).

First of all, I really liked every member of the cast, main characters and smaller roles just as much - I mostly loved Matthew Croke as Aladdin and Trevor Dion Nicholas as the Genie, but I guess that's kind of stating the obvious as their excellent performances are well known.

I also really appreciated the backgrounds and props, some scenes literally left me speechless (the cave of wonders guys!). I even shed a few tears towards the beginning for no particular reason, but shows often have this effect on me.

I obviously loved the soundtrack, was really glad to hear A Whole New World live and had so much fun throughout Friend Like Me, though my favourite track has to be Proud of Your Boy, a song I didn't remember from the film* but that definitely spoke to me (and that Matthew Croke performed beautifully). 

One thing my boyfriend and I didn't expect were the dance bits, we really liked them and the fact that they mixed fight-like dance and eastern moves and tap and lots of other styles in a really interesting way. Everyone in the cast was really good and coordinated, a feast for the eyes.

As I said, I had heard some mixed reviews about this show since it opened in the West End, but I'm glad to say I don't have anything to add to the negative reviews. I really think this show is good for a quite large group of people - someone might be there for the plot or for the love of Disney, others for the music or the dances and the laughs, for the cast, or just to see how opulent and glittery it all is. I personally loved everything, but I believe that the fact I don't know or remember the Disney film all that well might have helped me a little here, as the show is definitely slightly different (and in a way more modern, I would say) and might probably leave big fans of the animated film disappointed. That's the only thing I can pinpoint that might bring people to say they weren't 100% satisfied at least, but if you have a different opinion, please let me know what you think.

Now I just can't wait to see The Lion King.

Martina x

*I looked it up and the Italian version is not even half as good as the original, that's probably why I never noticed this one before.

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