Hot Chocolat

By Martina - Friday, March 16, 2018

Tomorrow it will be snowing again? What?

Don't get me wrong, I love winter. The snow always manages to make me feel happy and kind of calm, it reminds me of my childhood and of Christmas. Moreover,  I definitely prefer when the weather is really cold rather than extremely hot, but I feel like we've had enough of the cold weather for this year and we deserve to be above 0° for a few weeks now. That kind of chilly day where you can appreciate a bit of sunlight, take a walk in the park and feel like spring is coming once again. I want to spend time in the park and see the birds and the flowerbuds. 

The only thing I really don't like about winter is that there are less hours of sun and more of darkness, it makes me feel like the days are shorter than the rest of the year. Recently though I've started noticing that days are getting longer, and I am really pleased with that.

What's the thing everyone loves to do when it's cold? My first answer would definitely be to drink a hot chocolate with friends, or maybe drinking while sitting by the window and reading a book. Hot chocolate is another thing that reminds me of my childhood, as I used to prepare it all the time with my best friends and also have a good chalet hot choc after a long day out skiing (I despised skiing with a passion but my dad used to get me food as a reward when I did it, so...).

Today's hot chocolate is once again kindly sponsored by one of my colleagues (of course he doesn't know his present is being mentioned over here, but ya know). He got me two huge tubs of Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate flakes for my birthday, and I have been loving them. I already knew Hotel Chocolat's chocolate was good, but expected their hot choc to be on the average side. Man, I was wrong. It's super delicious and not at all sickening, it's that kind of in between sweetness that allows you to still add whipped cream and marshmallows without feeling like you're drinking pure sugar. The Salted Caramel version is very unique, as the caramel is not too overpowering over the chocolate, and you can definitely taste the salty side of it, while the Milky one is, again, not too sweet and would be appreciated by most people.

I highly recommend you try one of them if you happen to pop into Hotel Chocolat to buy something for you or your friends.

Martina x

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