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By Martina - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you"

Lin said he wrote the melody of this song when he was sixteen, just for fun, and the lyrics at some point went "I've got a bridge to sell you..." which makes me laugh more than it probably should.

This song appears in the musical twice; the first version reminds me of the Friends of the ABC in Les Mis, this group of friends fighting for their ideals and to make the world a better place. The reprised version is pure fun, it shows their friendship and their sense of humour, I can totally see that scene happening in real life to actual people.

I like the fact that in the second version they start from the ideals they had mentioned in the previous song and play with them, for example by first saying that no one can ever take away your freedom and then revealing to Alexander that being married is actually taking his freedom away, regardless of what his wife might say about that.

After this first part Burr joins the scene, and even here, in the innocent conversation they carry on, we can see the two characters' personalities - Hamilton trying to convince Burr that the best thing to do would be going and getting the girl, even though she's taken, and Burr saying that he prefers to wait for it. Lin underlines the differences between the two men by showing their different temperament, to prove that their hostility is not just caused by political conflict but their whole personalities.

I love to listen to the different way the two songs are sung, the first being more traditional and the second more of a pub song, I like to hear them laughing, and my favourite line (apart from the ones I quoted at the beginning of the post) is "Well I heard you got a special someone on the side, Burr" I don't know why I like it this much, it's quite a random thing to say, but I appreciate the playful tone Laurens uses to sing it and the rhythm of it.

Martina x

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