Pasticceria Marchesi, Milan

By Martina - Saturday, April 21, 2018

Last month I went back to Italy for a few days, as I had some medical appointments in Milan. As usual, my mum was so nice and decided to come with me so I wouldn’t be out on my own. The first day we had to go to the medical centre quite early in the morning (life in Milan starts at 10am, before that there’s barely anyone around and all the shops are closed) and I couldn’t have breakfast before leaving the house since I had to have a blood test taken, so my mum offered to take me out for a nice breakfast after the blood test. She suggested Pasticceria Marchesi in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele near Duomo, so when the appointment ended we went straight there. 

Pasticceria Marchesi is a historical place in Milan, and has recently expanded by opening some new cafés. The original one is near the university where I studied my bachelor’s degree, and I used to walk past the windows and stare at the beautiful display of cakes and desserts. The one in Duomo is just above Prada and looks really fancy. The interior is all light green and the walls are covered in glass cabinets that present a display of nice boxes, sweets and chocolates you can purchase at the till. Each table has a vase of fresh flowers and a couple of really nice menus (ours were peach pink and Tiffany blue but - silly me - I forgot to take a picture before the waiter arrived to get our orders and take away our pretty menus.

We ordered a complete breakfast menu to share. I got some fresh orange juice and a ginseng espresso, my mum ordered a cappuccino, and then we shared strawberry jam croissants and toast with pistachio cream *pistachio cream is heaven on earth*. We were really happy with the service and the quality of the food, and for being a fancy café in one of the most popular locations in Milan I must say we didn’t even spend too much. I would definitely recommend this place if you happen to be in Milan and you want to treat yourself or take some good blog pictures (you can do better than I did, I’m sure). Oh, I almost forgot to mention that most tables are placed next to the large windows facing the Galleria, how dreamy is that? More picture opportunities guys.

After we finished our breakfast we took a sneaky look around the room and picked a few things to buy. Mum got me two gelées boxes as an early Easter present (did I ever mention I have a soft spot for boxes? For once I wasn’t interested in food but just it’s container, hahah) and bought a huge gianduiotto for a friend (if you don’t know what a gianduiotto is I highly recommend you look it up, they are so so good).

We took a few pictures of each other and then left the shop, ready for a tiny shopping spree. I ended up buying a really nice Zara jumpsuit and having lunch at Exki a few hours later. In the afternoon we visited a special place I had on my must-see list for a long time, but that deserves its own blogpost another day - stay tuned.


Have you ever been to Milan? What would you order in a fancy café like Marchesi?

Martina x

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