Put a knot on it

By Martina - Thursday, April 12, 2018

Do you remember all the times I mentioned Maraismara's rings? Guys, I finally have my very own knot ring!

My parents decided to get this beautiful ring for me as a birthday present, along with a Pandora charm and Liberty mug. It took some time to figure out which size I needed, but once I ordered it they made it and posted it pretty quickly. It landed on my parent's doorstep when I was on holiday back in Italy - lucky coincidence - and the size turned out to fit my middle ring perfectly, as I hoped.

I really really like it, even the tiny box it came in is lovely. I have already worn it a lot, which is unusual for me considering I hardly ever use rings. I can't wait for people to ask questions about it, so I can tell them all about Maraismara.

Do you have a favourite ring? I only have three of them but I love them all equally, I wouldn't be able to just pick one!

Martina x

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