Raspberry Tart at Maison Bertaux, London

By Martina - Sunday, April 08, 2018

After buying my iPad (you can read more about that glorious day here) Lorenzo and I walked to Greek Street with the intent of drinking some tea and eating some cake*. We entered Maison Bertaux and placed our order. 

I chose a cinnamon tea and a stunning raspberry tart. Lorenzo went for a vanilla cheesecake and a black tea.

Now, in case you have never been to Maison Bertaux or never heard of it at all, let me introduce it to you. It’s a quirky tea room located right next to Minalima (place that never fails to enchant me with their windows display) and has some beautiful handmade desserts. We have been there twice and everything we have tried has been great and definitely worth the money. The teas are whole leaf and come in a tiny teapot with a strainer, and they even give you some extra water in case the two/three teacups you get out of your personal teapot are not enough.

The quirky thing about this place is that it doesn’t impress for its appearance and hygiene level. They just seem stuck in time and don’t seem to care about updating their tattered furniture, chipped tableware, oxidised cutlery. I am usually a big fan of hygiene and would run away from a similar place without touching anything, but their cakes and tarts are so good that just make you forget the rest. The fact that they are always full of foreign customers and that it’s hard to find and empty table is living proof of that.

If you end up near Shaftesbury Avenue and you are in need of some cake, I highly recommend visiting this place. If you do, please let me know your impressions and the dessert you decided to try.

Martina x

*We were tempted to visit Soho’s Secret Tea Room but hadn’t booked a table and had no idea how to introduce ourselves, hahah. I will surely visit that place soon and blog about that.

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