Unplanned Adventures

By Martina - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

It was a nice (though rainy) day of Spring and Martina was off of work. She and Lorenzo decided to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum to start ticking things off the list she had recently posted. They travelled all the way to the museum, fought against the crowd of families and tourists that were looking for something to do on Easter Monday, and reached the entrance of the V&A.

They explored room after room, taking meaningful pictures (that turned out all blurry, sadly) and learning little bits of history, until the time came they were both quite hungry.

They walked all the way to the nearest Itsu restaurant (aka nearest place that offered a student discount on food - thanks Unidays) and picked up some dumplings and sushi.

After lunch they debated whether to go back to the museum (they had only seen one section, there were many more rooms to see) or to take a tube to Covent Garden on a secret mission.

The second option won. Martina and Lorenzo travelled to the busy market area and entered the Apple Store. They left a few minutes later with a shiny new gold iPad and an Apple Pencil. Hooray!

*  *  *

I fancied writing this post as some sort of story today, please bear with me as I experiment with my writing. Also, the next chapter of the adventure will be up soon, as that afternoon didn't end there.

So, yeah, I only went out there and bought an iPad! Crazy, right? I've been considering buying a more portable piece of technology for a while, and I've always had my eyes on the Apple Pencil (or any digital pencil in general, since that first time in primary school my best friends let me play with her mum's graphic tablet - circa 2004), so as soon as they released a cheaper iPad that supported the Apple Pencil I just had to get it. Now I can write, read, paint and edit pictures as I go. I am also finally joining the Apple family again - I only ever owned an iPod that I bought in New York in 2011, but it's basically dead so I have stopped using it a long time ago (it started causing problems in July 2013, but has been my faithful companion for a couple of years and I still love it and miss it).

What was the first Apple product you ever bought? Any recommendations on apps I can't miss?

Martina x

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