By the River - Visiting Henley-on-Thames

By Martina - Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lorenzo and I visited Henley-on-Thames for the weekend. This place is really quiet and pretty, with all the trees and little boats. It was also all decked out for the Royal Wedding, which is a bonus.

We got a room at The Catherine Wheel Hotel, which I absolutely recommend, and tried a few cafés and restaurants nearby.

I also bought a really cute tea tin to celebrate Harry and Meghan, I'm going to use it as a brush holder or something like that. I found it in a small independent shop and it's by Milly Green. I'd never heard this name before but I've checked out her website and I really like her style.

What did you do last weekend? Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Martina x

*Honesty note: this post has actually been written in July. For my peace of mind I decided to upload it in the month it was originally supposed to be published, since this blog is some sort of personal diary to me and I couldn't stand the idea of misplacing it. Thanks for understanding*

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