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By Martina - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Burr, I’d rather be divisive than indecisive, drop the niceties"

This track is super complicated, with what is basically two parallel lyrics going on at the same time. I love the way it starts simple and then gets more and more complex, with Hamilton's friends encouraging him to say something, Burr trying to stop him and him quickly taking over the song. It's really satisfying to hear the two voices overlap and alternate. It's even cooler if you think they're basically teaching us history (although Lin underlines that he is not quoting the actual documents here), some bits that would possibly have been quite boring.

I don't think I have a favourite rhyme or line here, I just like the song altogether.

Lin says that it didn't take a long time to put come up with a melody and some lyrics here, but the intricate part was to make sure Hamilton was using the same vowels and cadence Seabury was already using, so that their lines would overlap smoothly (Lin offers these examples: rabble/unravel, heart/hard).

Something interesting I read about this track is that king George III was mockingly called Farmer George, so here the title has a double meaning, as Alexander is refuting "a Westchester farmer" and the british king at the same time.

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Hamilton: The Revolution

*Honesty note: this post has actually been written in July. For my peace of mind I decided to upload it in the month it was originally supposed to be published, since this blog is some sort of personal diary to me and I couldn't stand the idea of misplacing it. Thanks for understanding*

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