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By Martina - Thursday, May 31, 2018

This month I read plenty of books, and I am really happy about that.

The first book that I finished is The Witches by Roald Dahl. I really really like Dahl's writing style and I am trying to slowly read all of his children novels. I found this one really adventurous and entertaining, and almost scary - while I was reading I honestly thought that if I had read it as a child I would have been scared a little by the story, although I was probably braver as a child than I am right now, to be fair.

The second and third books I read were sort of related, as they were Simon Hooper's Forever Outnumbered and Clemmie Hooper's How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out. I am a big fan of Simon and Clemmie's Instagram acounts, so I just had to read their books - despite the fact that I am not a parent nor trying to become one. 

The first time I found Simon's Instagram and started reading his captions, I promised that if he ever published a book I would read it straightaway, no matter the topic. I am really glad he decided to write about his awesome family and not about bikes, hahah.

Clemmie's book is something I would absolutely recommend to any pregnant friend, as it's full of details and really pretty at the same time. It's halfway between a guide to pregnancy and a coffee table book. I learned a lot from this book - I find pregnancies really fascinating and I am always keen on learning more about them - and I particularly enjoyed the fact that every page or so covers a different topic. The whole book is made of small chunks of infromation, so you don't end up feeling confused or overwhelmed by it and you can easily find a specific page again for future references, as all of them look slightly different and have big titles on the top.

The next book I read is Start With Your Sock Drawer by Vicky Silverthorn. Vicky is a quite famous human being but I had never heard of her until I ended up meeting one of her brothers - what are the odds? Her job sounds like so much fun and makes total sense to me, her book is very well written and I would recommend it to anyone. I really enjoyed learning more about her and her techniques and will keep it with me for future references. I am quite passionate about organising spaces and decluttering, so if you have any other book recommendations (or any documentaries too), please send them my way.

The last book I read was a present from a friend. She got me a tiny guide about feng shui, which is a really interesting topic. Unfortunately the book itself had been translated quite poorly, so it didn't impress me too much, but I am still very much interested in learning more about feng shui and really grateful to her for giving it to me.

Have you read anything nice recently?

Martina x

*Honesty note: this post has actually been written in July. For my peace of mind I decided to upload it in the month it was originally supposed to be published, since this blog is some sort of personal diary to me and I couldn't stand the idea of misplacing it. Thanks for understanding*

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