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By Martina - Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Have you ever heard of Polyvore? Did you, like me, use to spend afternoons putting together sets? I used to love that, I used that website for years, it was like scrapbooking minus the fuss of using glue and having to collect and throw away all the little pieces of paper that ended up everywhere.

A few weeks ago Polyvore sent me an email saying that they were closing down, and that I could contact them if I wanted to download all my old sets and files. I was really sad to hear this news, and obviously ran to save my precious work form being deleted forever.

Looking back to all my sets made me cringe a little, as when I started using Polyvore I was 14 or 15 and had an odd sense of fashion and a passion for song quotes of dubious taste, but it brought back so many memories and I loved seeing all the creativity and effort I put in cutting and pasting and filtering.

I have a bit of low self esteem when it comes to creativity, as I believe (and everyone always tell me) I am a really creative and skilled person, but many times I feel like I only have ideas when I don’t have time to jot them down, and as soon as I can actually draw/write/do things, I actually panic and blank. I’m always trying to overcome this issue in many ways, and I’m sure I will trust myself a bit more sooner or later, but for now let’s go back to the main topic of this post.

So. Polyvore. I am going to share with you a quick gallery of some of my best artworks - from the oldest to the newest, just to give you an idea of how my art side 'developed' (hahah) - just for the sake of old memories. Enjoy.

With love,

Martina of the past (2009 - 2013)

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