The Lion King

By Martina - Sunday, May 27, 2018

A few days ago I went to the Lyceum Theatre with my dear friend Vava and her boyfriend to see The Lion King. I had been waiting to see this show for a really long time but never got around doing that before because tickets can be quite expensive, and I usually buy them last minute, which means the best ones are always gone.

I was sitting in the Royal Circle, front row, all the way to the side, and I must say I fell in love with the position. From now on I always want to see shows from the front row, hahah. I could see everything perfectly, despite being on the side, and really enjoyed leaning on the cushioned balcony.

The show itself is impossible to describe. There is something for everyone, be it the music, the story, the actors, the props or the costumes. It's unreal. I would recommend it to anyone, of any age. It's a good show to see with people that are not theatre nerds because they can still find something to appreciate, I believe. It might be expensive at times but it's worth every penny.

My favourite song has to be They Live in You/He Lives in You, it's just so deep and powerful. But I really enjoyed all of them, as I expected.

Props wise I have to say I was really impressed, as there were so many complicated animal costumes and pieces of scenery and they looked really creative, whereas I expected some of them to be quite cringey and a bit more cartooney. The elephant, giraffes, gazelles (the gazelle-bike-thing was my absolute favourite) and even the lion heads were amazing.

All the actors were great, and looked really beautiful in their costumes. Little Nala was the most adorable thing ever (unfortunately I didn't catch the actress' name).

Have you ever seen The Lion King? I think I want to take my family to see it, I'm sure they would love it too (not nearly as much as I did though).

Martina x

*Honesty note: this post has actually been written in July. For my peace of mind I decided to upload it in the month it was originally supposed to be published, since this blog is some sort of personal diary to me and I couldn't stand the idea of misplacing it. Thanks for understanding*

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