Hamilton at the Victoria Palace

By Martina - Sunday, July 29, 2018

GUYS! I finally went to see Hamilton in London!

I had booked my tickets just before Christmas, got two evening tickets (one for me, one for poor Lorenzo that has to put up with me talking about musicals non stop) for July 2nd, 2018 and patiently waited for months.

When the day finally came I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I would have entered the theatre in the morning and waited there until showtime, if that had been an option.

As you know, I had been listening to the soundtrack all the time and learning as much as possible about the characters, the making of the show and Lin himself, so I was quite prepared. I loved the idea of "getting ready" to see the show, so I could appreciate every little detail once there. The only thing I had been avoiding at all costs was all the little snippets of videos that people have been uploading online (legally or not), as I wanted to keep the actual performance, moves, props and dance routines a secret. I wanted something to be completely new, so that I still had something to discover for the first time when I watched the show that day. I managed to get first row tickets in the Grand Circle, and it was the best place ever. I could see everything on the stage, and could actually see the actors' faces (trust me, it's not always possible, London theatres can be quite steep).

I don't even know where to start, I loved every single thing, even the theatre itself (its redecoration was inspired by Gustav Klimt's work, who is one of my favourite artists since I was little). The actors were amazing, I was worried I would sort of keep comparing them to the Broadway soundtrack but it didn't happen that much, I just really loved their interpretations, little tweaks and the way they moved around. Of course I would give anything to see Lin himself play one of the characters, but I know I cannot live just waiting for that, and I absolutely appreciate the talent of the other actors that accept the huge challenge that is playing these roles. I also really love the fact that, if you check their bio, you can see that they come from literally all over the world. It's so cool that theatre can bring people together this way, and give people a chance.

I will list here the cast as I saw it, in case you know any of the actors or are simply curious.

Sifiso Mazibuko as Alexander Hamilton
Waylon Jacobs as Aaron Burr
Obioma Ugoala as George Washington
Jason Pennycooke as Lafayette/Jefferson
Tarinn Callender as Mulligan/Madison
Cleve September as Laurens/Philip
Rachel John as Angelica
Rachelle Ann Go as Eliza
Christine Allado as Peggy/Maria
Michael Jibson as King George

Sifiso Mazibuko played a different Hamilton when compared to Lin, but he totally owned it and I kind of hope he will still be there when I see the show the next time (hopefully in January or February). King George made me laugh hard, Michael Jibson's performance was unforgettable. The biggest surprise came from Jason Pennycooke, as I didn't love his Lafayette at the beginning, but absolutely adored his Jefferson; he seemed to be the most confident character on that stage, along with King George - the What'd I Miss scene and the Cabinet Battles were absolutely epic. I've found myself wishing there was a video of him playing Jefferson on Youtube so many times already. Rachel John's Angelica had a strong, independent woman attitude that suit her character perfectly, and Rachelle Ann Go, well, she doesn't need an introduction. I'd been hoping to catch her on stage in London for a while.

The choreographies, props and scenes were great, there was always quite a lot going on onstage, which I guess is a bonus for the lucky ones that get to see the show more than once - every time you can just focus on something new and notice some little details. For a first timer like me, it was almost overwhelming at times, but since I'm planning to see the show again, I'm definitely not complaining.

A few days after the show I watched the documentary called Hamilton's America (thanks to my friend Vava, who recommended it to me) and if you are eager to know a bit more about the making of the show as well as the ten-dollar Founding Father's story, I absolutely recommend it to you.

I could go on forever here, and I would always feel like I'm not making the show any justice. The only thing I can say is, you HAVE TO see it for yourself.

Your Obedient Servant,

Martina x

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