...so what did I miss?

By Martina - Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I took a good couple of months off blogging. I had lots of personal life things going on and ended up neglecting my blog, as it happens. Looking back, Summer seems to be the time I struggle the most keeping up with my online life, as last year I only posted four times in June and one in July and the year before I just skipped June altogether.

Anyway. Here is a small list of things that have been going on while I was away.

  • I left my job
  • I found a new flat with my boyfriend (and will be moving there mid-August)
  • I had a bit of a quarter life crisis (story of my life)
  • I started drawing. I want to do more creative stuff in general, I like that drawing is something you actually do with your hands, and the result is tangible, it feels different than writing, although that's still something that I love
I am not going to write down any more details about the whens and whys of all that, I just wanted to write an honest post as an introduction for the posts that will hopefully start to show up regularly from now on.

Two more random notes before I go.

I have started watching Lucy Wood's videos and now I kind of wish we were friends - I really like her and her sense of humour.

I also went to Spain with Lorenzo and the band as they were playing at FIB, a music festival in Benicàssim.

Hope Summer is treating you well.

Martina x

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