Summer Illustrators' Fair

By Martina - Friday, July 27, 2018

In June I visited the Summer Illustrators' Fair in Granary Square near Kings Cross. I found out it existed a couple of days before the event (thankfully not the day after, as it usually happens). I knew Bethan Woollvin would be there and, since I had recently found her profile on Instagram and fell in love with her illustrations, I decided to go and meet her - and be inspired by dozens of other artists too.

I spent a good couple of hours walking around and checking out everyone's work, and collecting a few business cards. I also couldn't resist buying some prints.

From Bethan's stand I went for the dalmatian, the deer and Little Red. The last two were actually in the misprints basket, but to be honest I see no mistakes here, they're just so beautiful as they are. I also picked up Rapunzel's pin, as I couldn't find any Rapunzel prints.

Bethan seems such a sweet girl, I enjoyed talking to her, even though we only chatted for a few minutes.

I picked up a Harry Potter print by Tim Budgen because it was too cute (I think I'll actually give it to a friend for Christmas, rather than keeping it to myself, as she might appreciate the choice). I also bought a pretty card from Løvlie Illustration's stand because I loved the colour palette and the fox.

I fell in love with lots of artists, such as Hannah Peck, Kate Slater, Jessica Courtney Tickle and Julie Ann Monks, but unfortunately couldn't just buy everything. At some point I will have a big house with an art gallery, but right now it would be complicated.

Emma Levey's handmade illustrations were one of my favourite things, her hamsters are the sweetest creatures ever, but on the spot I couldn't bring myself to buy any of them as I had already spent quite a lot. Later on though I contacted Emma on Etsy and managed to buy my favourite chubby little hamster. Thankfully no one else had bought it.

Look at how cute he is.

I am so glad I got to find out the names of so many talented artists and to have a chat with some of them. This fair was organised really well and I am looking forward to the next one. I also want to pop by the House of Illustration, now that I know it exists, and see what they have on display.

Martina x

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